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John LeGrande and Jeremiah Jividen Hamming It Up

Ibis Trail at Covington held their annual Halloween Party. The event had a great turnout and based on the photos our manager took, everyone had a great time.
Many thanks to our volunteers: Gwen Jividen, Jamie Scoggins, Angela Bailey, Shailey Tripp, Tina Dix (and her children), Elizabeth Robinson and Angela Petececk.
In attendance were a wide variety of costumes: Cookie Monster, Fairies, Witches, ZOMBIES, Ninjas, Cowboys and farmers, Ghosts and Goblins, Clowns and circus animals.
Many thanks to the volunteers and the families who came to make this event another success at Ibis Trail at Covington.

A Figure of Speech

Phrase: Blowing smoke.
Meaning: Talking about taking action without the intention of following through.
Origin: In their stage acts, magicians sometimes use smoke to obscure their sleight of hand.

Mail Call

In this electronic age of cell phones, text messages and email, a handwritten letter seems like a quaint bygone. Paper letters can be kept, reread and cherished. So sit down and write a letter to a friend or relative. It’s sure to bring a smile, and you might even get a letter back.

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