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Summon the Sandman Sooner

After tossing and turning and counting sheep, many people turn to over-the-counter sleep aids to drift off to dreamland. But if sleeping pills leave you groggy in the morning, think about introducing one or more of these shut-eye enhancers into your bedtime ritual:
Noise machines. The sweet sounds of a rain shower, ocean waves or the rain forest help tune out other sounds that can disrupt sleep. Adjust the volume to a level that’s soothing
and not distracting.
Sleep-sound apps. If you own a smartphone, you can download one of
the many sleep-sound apps available to lull you into slumber without a hefty price tag.
Ear plugs. If noise is your nemesis when it comes to snoozing, ear plugs effectively block out background sounds. Eye masks. Too much light can disrupt quality sleep, even if it’s just from the glow of a nightlight or alarm clock.
Wear a comfortable eye mask to see if complete darkness makes a difference in your sleeping patterns. Calming colors. If your bedroom is decorated in loud hues, it may hinder your ability to fall asleep. Create a calming environment in soft blues or
warm, neutral shades.
Remember, relying on doodads to doze off does not replace the need for healthy sleeping habits. Sweet dreams!

Boosting the Bonds of Friendship

What’s the best way to have friends? Be one. Studies indicate that social relationships improve emotional and physical health, so friendships are well worth nurturing. Here are some tips for boosting your bonds with your best buddies:
Make friends a priority. In the hubbub of daily life, spending time with friends often gets shunted to the bottom of the to-do list. Program your friends’ numbers into your phone so it’s easy to call them when you have a few spare minutes. Face time matters, too, so schedule regular lunches or evenings out.
Pay attention. When you’re seeing your friend in person, maintain eye contact and don’t interrupt her. When talking on the phone, don’t check your email or watch TV. She’ll notice that you’re distracted.
Simply listen. Sometimes friends just want a sympathetic ear, so hold off on doling out advice. If your friend asks your opinion, however, feel free to give it.
Give and take. Be sensitive to how much time and support a friend can offer you, and respect her boundaries. Likewise, you don’t have to constantly be available to a friend who drains your energy.
Laugh it up. Sending your friend humorous emails and text messages lets her know you’re thinking of her and brightens her day.

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