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New Year’s resolutions

Resolutions for Success:
Sometimes the problem is the resolution itself. If it’s too hard to keep, it’s a setup for disappointment. Here are some tips for making resolutions that stick:

Be flexible. Resolutions such as “I will go to the gym every day” present you with a near-impossible task. The goal is to work out most days, so start off by planning to go to the gym four times a week. This allows for any unforeseen circumstances without wrecking your resolution.

Be specific.
 “I will eat more vegetables” is an admirable thought, but the approach lacks focus. Instead, choose a specific resolution such as “I will eat five servings of vegetables a day.”

Be realistic.
 A resolution such as “I will lose 20 pounds by February” is unreasonable and may be unhealthy. Consider what you are likely to achieve as well as the results you want.

Be accountable.
 “I will run a marathon” is a worthy ambition. But when? With 12 months to go in the year, picking a vague, far-off goal merely defers your dream. Instead, choose a marathon far enough into the future to allow time for training but not so far away that your dream will run away from you.

New Tricks for Leftover Holiday Treats

You probably still have some festive foods you don’t know what to do with. Don’t throw them away. Instead, use a little creativity to turn leftover holiday treats into tasty new concoctions.

Countless candy canes? Heat up some cocoa and use a candy cane as a stirring stick. It mixes the chocolate with the milk while adding a refreshing minty flavor. Or, crush up the candy and mix it into vanilla frosting for cupcakes.

Overflowing oatmeal cookies? Melt some chocolate chips, spread on one cookie, add sprinkles, and top with another cookie to make a sweet sandwich snack. This tip works for any kind of cookie, including gingerbread men.

Extra eggnog? Use eggnog instead of creamer in your coffee for a rich, spicy flavor. Not a coffee drinker? Eggnog makes excellent French toast. Soak bread slices in eggnog before frying them to golden-brown perfection.

Abundance of fruitcake? Reinvent a fruitcake by chopping it up in a food processor and rolling into balls. Melt chocolate and dip the fruitcake balls to create a new twist on an old favorite.

With a little planning and creativity, you can turn leftover holiday goodies into tasty treats that are sure to hit the spot even the second time around.

Summon the Sandman Sooner

After tossing and turning and counting sheep, many people turn to over-the-counter sleep aids to drift off to dreamland. But if sleeping pills leave you groggy in the morning, think about introducing one or more of these shut-eye enhancers into your bedtime ritual:
Noise machines. The sweet sounds of a rain shower, ocean waves or the rain forest help tune out other sounds that can disrupt sleep. Adjust the volume to a level that’s soothing
and not distracting.
Sleep-sound apps. If you own a smartphone, you can download one of
the many sleep-sound apps available to lull you into slumber without a hefty price tag.
Ear plugs. If noise is your nemesis when it comes to snoozing, ear plugs effectively block out background sounds. Eye masks. Too much light can disrupt quality sleep, even if it’s just from the glow of a nightlight or alarm clock.
Wear a comfortable eye mask to see if complete darkness makes a difference in your sleeping patterns. Calming colors. If your bedroom is decorated in loud hues, it may hinder your ability to fall asleep. Create a calming environment in soft blues or
warm, neutral shades.
Remember, relying on doodads to doze off does not replace the need for healthy sleeping habits. Sweet dreams!

Boosting the Bonds of Friendship

What’s the best way to have friends? Be one. Studies indicate that social relationships improve emotional and physical health, so friendships are well worth nurturing. Here are some tips for boosting your bonds with your best buddies:
Make friends a priority. In the hubbub of daily life, spending time with friends often gets shunted to the bottom of the to-do list. Program your friends’ numbers into your phone so it’s easy to call them when you have a few spare minutes. Face time matters, too, so schedule regular lunches or evenings out.
Pay attention. When you’re seeing your friend in person, maintain eye contact and don’t interrupt her. When talking on the phone, don’t check your email or watch TV. She’ll notice that you’re distracted.
Simply listen. Sometimes friends just want a sympathetic ear, so hold off on doling out advice. If your friend asks your opinion, however, feel free to give it.
Give and take. Be sensitive to how much time and support a friend can offer you, and respect her boundaries. Likewise, you don’t have to constantly be available to a friend who drains your energy.
Laugh it up. Sending your friend humorous emails and text messages lets her know you’re thinking of her and brightens her day.

Thank you!

On Behalf Of The Staff At Ibis Trail my team would like to thank you for making Ibis Trail your home.

We look forward to providing you exceptional service and a continued Family Environment – Thank You Ibis Trail Staff

Resident Referrals

Remember for every new tenant you refer to the property, you will receive $400! Stop by for details.

Easy Jalapeño Poppers

• 8 medium-sized jalapenos
• 4 ounces (1/4 pound) Monterey Jack cheese, shredded
• 8 slices of bacon
• 8 short wooden skewers or wooden toothpicks
• 1 packet Tostitos Dip Creations Freshly Made Guacamole
prepared according to instructions
• 3 avocados (for guacamole)
Create a slit in one side of the jalapenos using a small, sharp knife. Do not cut all the way through the ends. Remove the seeds and membrane for a milder popper. Stuff a pepper with 1/8 of the cheese. Wrap with a slice of bacon and secure the bacon with a skewer
or toothpick. Repeat with the remaining peppers.
Preheat oven to 425° F. Sear poppers on all sides over high heat in a nonstick pan until bacon is golden brown. Transfer to a baking sheet and bake for 8 minutes. Serve hot with the guacamole on the side.
For more recipes, visit

Viva Vegetarians

The term “vegetarian” encompasses a variety of philosophies about food. Many vegetarians eschew meat for ethical, environmental or dietary reasons. Some simply find plant-based foods more pleasing to their palates, while others prepare meatless meals as a way to trim their grocery bills. October is Vegetarian Month—a time to celebrate the variety of approaches for including more vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and nuts in our diets.
Here are some types of vegetarians:
Total vegetarians eat only plant-based foods.
Vegans eat only plant-based foods and avoid using any products that come from animals, such as leather.
Lacto vegetarians avoid meat but consume dairy products.
Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs.
Pesco vegetarians include fish in their diets.
Pollo vegetarians consume poultry.
“Flexitarians” eat mostly plants but occasionally consume dairy, eggs, fish, poultry and red meat. Registered dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of “The Flexitarian Diet,” says people who eat mostly vegetarian diets “weigh 15 percent less, have a lower
rate of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and live 3.6 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts.”
Whether you’re vegetarian all the way or can’t bear to give up bacon, consider the many ways you can enjoy nutritious, delicious plant-based foods.

John LeGrande and Jeremiah Jividen Hamming It Up

Ibis Trail at Covington held their annual Halloween Party. The event had a great turnout and based on the photos our manager took, everyone had a great time.
Many thanks to our volunteers: Gwen Jividen, Jamie Scoggins, Angela Bailey, Shailey Tripp, Tina Dix (and her children), Elizabeth Robinson and Angela Petececk.
In attendance were a wide variety of costumes: Cookie Monster, Fairies, Witches, ZOMBIES, Ninjas, Cowboys and farmers, Ghosts and Goblins, Clowns and circus animals.
Many thanks to the volunteers and the families who came to make this event another success at Ibis Trail at Covington.

A Figure of Speech

Phrase: Blowing smoke.
Meaning: Talking about taking action without the intention of following through.
Origin: In their stage acts, magicians sometimes use smoke to obscure their sleight of hand.
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